Why Choose Us

Our Mission

At Law Firm Marketing Pros our mission is to help 500 Law Firms triple their Profit Per Partner over the next 5 years.

By achieving this mission, we can have a significant impact on 1000’s of lives and have an economic impact of 100’s of millions of dollars. 

We will achieve this by providing a holistic approach to the way Law Firms Market their services.

Our Culture

Trust is the foundation of the Law Firm Marketing Pros culture. From our corporate headquarters in Jupiter Florida and our Canadian office in Halifax, Nova Scotia, we inspire trust in our clients and our team.


Law Firm Marketing Pros strives for operational excellence. We remain open to constant, never-ending improvement and optimization. Because we function as a team, we encourage our employees to assume responsibility and make decisions on their own. Using state-of-the-art technologies, we offer our customers and employees the best support possible, even as we continuously improve our services and ourselves. Applying this philosophy on a daily basis enables us to rise and conquer new challenges in an ever-evolving technological marketplace. We take time for self-reflection and evaluation of our services and results while we honor stellar performance among our team-members and express our sincere appreciation.

For Our Clients

It’s a simple but powerful formula: Collaboration + Research + Situational Analysis = Trust.

We collaborate with our clients to create individualized and strategic marketing systems, based on what we call our Situational Analysis. Supported by an in-depth research of their business, marketplace, and competitors, our strategic marketing systems not only inspire trust, they set up our clients for unprecedented success.

With a singular focus, we listen and work with our clients in a synergistic partnership to fully understand their needs, conduct the appropriate research, and create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Whether in South Florida, Nova Scotia, or throughout the United States and Canada, our unwavering commitment to customer service ensures short response times and exceptional support. Combined with our total marketing solutions and individualized approach, Law Firm Marketing Pros delivers an ROI for our clients that yields increased revenues and profits, greater client retention, and an expansion of their client base. Learn more here How It Works

For Our Team

We understand that happy clients result from happy employees. That’s why we maintain a corporate culture that respects every team member’s skills, talents, and contributions and provides plenty of opportunities for professional development. Law Firm Marketing Pros’ work environment is characterized by openness, trust, and fairness — all indispensable qualities for ongoing innovation and exceptional outcomes. We demonstrate our genuine interest in every member of our team by listening to them and investing in their professional growth, health, and personal evolution. Within our open-minded atmosphere, we acknowledge cultural and regional differences, recognizing that diversity is a key element to our long-term success.

United by our shared values and objectives, the Law Firm Marketing Pros’ culture fosters merit-based compensation to motivate and reward dedicated team members based on their job performance — regardless of their role in the company hierarchy. Rooted in the global social corporate philosophy, we are one integrated team.

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